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Frequently Asked Questions


Before I Hire


Can I visit the Hall before I book to see if it’s suitable? We welcome prior visits to enable you to be sure that our Hall is what you want for your event. Please contact Bookings to arrange your visit.


Is there car parking available? There is car parking for approximately 12 vehicles at the bottom of Stenton village green with overflow parking on the grass. Please ask your guests to park in a courteous manner and not to block the access road at the bottom of the green. Additional parking can be found at Stenton Church car park.


What is the capacity of the Hall? We can accommodate 100 people in the Main Hall, with 24 seated at tables in the Extension.


Are there facilities for the disabled? The hall is fully accessible for those in wheelchairs, and there is a large lavatory especially equipped for the disabled. There are no significant floor level changes inside.


Do you have cutlery, glasses, cups, saucers, plates. tables, chairs? We have 120 sets of basic cutlery, wine glasses and tall tumbler glasses. There is a white crockery set for 120 comprising a large plate, small plate, soup bowl, dessert bowl, and mugs. There are 12 each of sugar bowls, cream jugs and salt and pepper pots. There are a number of large water/juice glass jugs and 4 coffee/tea flasks. We also have a set of pots, kitchen utensils and knife set. For the Main Hall, we have 8 large tables and 12 small tables and 100 basic chairs. For the Extension Area there are 6 small white tables with 24 chairs of different colours.


Is there WiFi in the Hall? Yes, WiFi is freely available for use by our guests. The Wifi network is called Stenton Village Hall WiFi. The password is on the side of the BT router plug on the outside wall in the Main Hall.


What appliances are available in the kitchen? There is a large 5 ring electric hob, electric double oven with grill, fridge freezer, 2 kettles (inc 1 x 4 litre), coffee filter machine, soup kettle and an industrial dishwasher. If you wish to use the dishwasher, you must refer to the instructions for use located above the machine on the wall; it operates very differently to a domestic model.


Is there a stage and sound equipment? We have portable light staging which can be hired for an additional fee. There is no sound equipment. There are limitations on electrical supply for sound systems. Please contact us if you wish to discuss.


Can I provide alcohol at my event? If you intend to provide alcohol at an event for which money changes hands at any point, you will need an occasional alcohol licence from East Lothian Council. For example, you will need an alcohol licence if you sell tickets which include a free drink or if you sell alcohol at a bar. The application form must be completed and lodged with ELC at least 42 days before the event. If the application includes the outdoor area by the hall, you must also send a layout plan showing the area to be licensed with the application.

As a voluntary organisation, SCA is subject to occasional alcohol licence quotas. Please contact bookings to ensure our quota has not been reached before applying for a licence. For further information please visit the East Lothian Council website


Do you have any restrictions as to who can hire the Hall? We do not hire the Hall to anyone aged under 18 years. There may be some activities or events for which we would choose not to hire out the Hall; please ask if you need to.


Is there any free time allowed for setting up and/or clearing up? We understand that it can take time to set up and/or clear up for certain events. At time of booking, we ask that the hirer ensures the time needed is included in the hall hire hours booked. Any additional time may depend on whether there is an event booked prior to or following your own. Please discuss your requirements with Bookings.


When do I pay for my hire? Payment card details are required to secure online bookings. Payment will be requested from your registered card at the end of your booking following a check of the hall. Should the hall be left in an unacceptable state, your card will be charged for the necessary cleaning at the rate of £20 per hour.


Is there hand sanitiser available? Yes, there are 3 wall mounted automatic dispensers - between the inner and outer entrance doors, outside the kitchen and outside the disabled toilet. We encourage you and your guests to hand sanitise on entering/leaving the building.

On the Day


Do I collect a key? Please contact us during the week before the event. We will issue you with a unique access code to the key safe located by the window to the right of the main entrance. This code is allocated to you personally and its usage is logged – please do not pass it on as you may be held responsible for any misuse.


Can I attach decorations to the wall and ceiling? Please DO NOT attach anything to the ceilings. You may attach decorations on the wall and doors in the extension area but only using approved materials. Do not use clear tape as it leaves a residue on surfaces which is difficult or impossible to remove. You must not attach anything to lighting appliances or to other electrical equipment – doing so is not only a safety hazard but can also cause damage. We strongly recommend the use of medium and large 3M Command hooks – these are inexpensive (about £4 for 20), strong, non-permanent hooks which can be purchased in supermarkets, stationers and DIY stores, as well as online through Amazon and eBay etc. Search for ‘command decorating clips'. However, please do not use the small 3M Command hooks as we have found these to damage the paintwork. You may attach decorations, using the approved 3M Command hooks to the wooden panelling in the main hall and the doors but NOT the painted wall area.

How do I lock up after the event is finished? With the exception of the fridge freezer, please ensure all appliances, heaters and lights are turned off before exiting the building. Please ensure the 3 fire exit doors are closed and the extension sliding glass doors and both inner and outer entrance doors are locked. To lock these, please lift up the handle before turning the key clockwise.

During Hire


What should I do in the event of a fire? Please familiarise yourself with the location of fire exits, fire extinguishers and fire blanket prior to the event. As the hirer, you are the designated responsible person and the safety of all users is of primary importance. If in any doubt, dial 999.


There is some faulty equipment at the Hall; what should I do? We’d be pleased if you would report it to Bookings by emailing If a malfunction is interfering with the proper running of your event, you may report it immediately to the designated member of the admin team. 


I’ve broken something belonging to the Hall; where should I report this? Again, to Bookings. We have an understanding view of accidental breakage, but if we feel an item has been broken through misbehaviour or similar we would expect it to be paid for. We would far rather discuss a breakage with a hirer than have to pursue them later and would hope to come to a reasonable arrangement. Please also enter details of items broken into the Item Breakages Log in the black hall documents folder located on the kitchen counter.


How do I operate the cooker / heaters / other equipment? There is a folder located in the narrow cupboard in the kitchen between the double oven and fridge freezer which contains the original instructions to the operation of the Hall’s equipment. Please arrange with Bookings if you wish to be shown personally how to operate specific equipment prior to the event.

At the Close of my Event


How much cleaning-up do you expect me to do? Please ensure that the hall is left in the same condition in which you found it. Tables should be clean and floors swept, food and rubbish should be removed. Kitchen counters wiped down, toilets flushed and toilet bins emptied. Please note that our Hiring Terms state that the Hall should be left in such a state that cleaning by our local volunteers is unnecessary; we reserve the right to charge a cleaning fee if left in an unsatisfactory state.


Do you provide tea towels? Yes. Please leave used towels in a neat pile in the kitchen. Our team will arrange for these to be laundered and returned in time for the next event.


What time must we leave? The Hall must be vacated by the end of your specified booking period, unless you have pre-arranged extra free time to clean up.


What should I do with my rubbish? There is no longer a civic recycling space at the hall so we ask that large quantities of glass bottles and cans are taken away by the hirer to be disposed either at home or at a local civic recycling depot. There is now only one Green General Waste bin outside the hall which you are free to use. The domestic recycling bins and bag located by the green bin can be used to dispose of small quantities of glass, cans & plastic and cardboard.

After the Event


I think I’ve left some property at the Hall; what can I do about it? We understand that it’s easy to leave behind some item of property. Please contact Bookings if you think you’ve left something with us. We have a policy of keeping lost property for one month only.


I’d like to leave some feedback on my experience of the Hall. How do I do this? We would  be very grateful if you wish to share any opinion of the Hall and/or the volunteers you have dealt with during the hire process. A review on Google or any feedback emailed to will be greatly appreciated.

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